Tri-Extruded Linear Optic Family

Tri-Extruded Optics Family

Tri-Extruded Linear Optic Family

This Carclo designed innovative method of producing a one-piece linear optic minimises production time and costs by simplified assembly and reduced component count.

Featuring an integrated colour control layer, a TIR optic and sealing strips. 

This new optic family is also complimented by the Carclo designed IP65 housing solution.





The Tri-extruded optic family from Carclo Optics, have been created using an innovative method in which 3 materials are simultaneously extruded resulting in a single piece optic.

The TIR strip optic, is made from clear UV stabilised optical materials with a co-extruded colour control layer giving a smooth light distribution free of artefacts with very good CoA (Colour over Angle).

1. Colour Control Layer
2. IP65 Sealing Strips
3. TIR Optic


Wall Washer & Wall Grazer
The aluminium outer housing is anodised to 25 microns and meets Standard ISO7599:2018. When assembled in the housing, the unit has an IP65 rating. Simply add your own LED PCB, IP venting, screws and the fixture will be ready for use.

IP65 Rating

The Tri-Extruded Optics have a universal footprint that allows them all to sit within the same optional housing profile.

You can purchase the housing and optics as an IP65 kit or just the optic alone.

The full family consists of the following:

Optics Only

60152 • Wall Grazer | 60153 • Wall Washer | 60165 • Narrow Beam | 60166 • Medium Beam | 60167 • Wide Beam

Full Kits

60179 • Wall Grazer | 60180 • Wall Washer | 60214 • Narrow Beam | 60215 • Medium Beam | 60216 • Wide Beam


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