2 Year Warranty

Carclo Optics will give a 2 year warranty on all Carclo Optics products from point of purchase where  the item is deemed by Carclo Optics to be defective or out of operating specification. This will be subject to the clauses below. Proof of purchase, batch number and a detailed description of the issue are required. 

Warranty Claims

Upon receipt of the returned and confirmed defective or out of operating specification Carclo Optics Product, Carclo Optics will issue credit for or replace the product. 

Please note that flow lines, weld lines, surface scratches and small black or white inclusions within the lenses are acceptable. 

All data is representative of the specific LED tested using in-house equipment at time of testing. Specific values and tolerances are available upon request. 

All reasonable shipping and handling charges to Carclo Optics, and back to the customer are the responsibility of Carclo Optics and a shipping number will be provided. However, if the product is found not to be defective, the shipping charges will be charged to the customer. 

Carclo Optics reserves the right to issue credit, rework or replace the defective product as its option. Carclo Optics also reserves the right to examine the defective products if the defect is questionable and to deny the warranty herein for any product that is deemed by Carclo  Optics not to be defective or is proven to be within Carclo Optics' operating specification, has been altered, improperly handled, improperly stored, improperly installed or installed in applications for which it is not intended.

Carclo Optics is not responsible for damage to its products through natural disasters, natural aging, improper handling, improper storage, improper installation, maintenance, use, or attempts to operate products above their rated capacity, temperature, humidity or voltage, intentionally or otherwise. 

The discolouration of polycarbonate lenses and holders can occur due to the natural ageing process and exposure to heat and UV and as such is not covered by Carclo Optics' warranty.

Carclo Optics does not accept any liability for third party components. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure diligent design and perform sufficient tests before offering an integrated system. This warranty is limited to Carclo Optics performance to specification and does not apply to damage, failure or otherwise resulting from, but not limited to, any Customer actions such as misapplication, improper design use, or unauthorised modification. 

The application of double-sided tape to Carclo Optics Holders and the adhesion of double-sided taped holders to substrates is not covered by this warranty.

This Warranty does not cover, and Carclo Optics is not responsible for the customers assembled product return / rectification or warranty costs,  labour costs, product sorting costs, administrative costs or freight costs incurred in connection with the Carclo Optics product or installation of the Carclo product. The foregoing warranty is exclusive of all other warranties and no other warranties of any kind are expressed or implied.