Light Visuals & the 20mm Range - Bexley

Bexley Case Study

Bexley, Kent, UK

This magnificent garden boasts a river, crossed by a beautiful wrought iron bridge and understandably the client wanted this framed with illumination. The reed beds flanking the granite gazebo structure at the centre of the garden were also a feature worth highlighting and the aim was to create a cohesive composition to be viewed from the house standing over 100m away.

Bexley Case Study

One of the main issues encountered was the mounting of the extra low voltage pole lights in the river. Bespoke fittings provided a linear wash light to the reeds, which visually connected all elements whilst providing added reflections within the water.

Bexley Case Study Bridge


Cree XP-L & XH-P50 LEDs were utilised in this project due to their reputation for reliability and quality, as maintenance and servicing of the fittings in the river can be quite a challenge.


Carclo 101941019510196 & 10209 20mm TIR optics were our choice in the these light fittings, as they provided a narrow horizontal beam across the reed beds.