Light Visuals & the 20mm Range - Berkhamsted

Berkhamsted Case Study

Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK

The brief was to fully illuminate the front and rear terraced gardens whilst connecting all areas via unobtrusive path lighting to each side of this beautiful new build property in Berkhamsted, UK.

Berkhamsted Illuminated Pathway

One of the main design concerns was the addition of dense summer meadow wild flowers planted within the beds, as this was where multiple fruit and birch trees were to be illuminated from. We overcame this be adding extension poles to raise the heads of the luminaires.

Berkhamsted Illuminated House


Cree XP-L LEDs were used for all lighting on this project, as we knew their colour consistency would be the perfect fit for the hardscape elements within the design.


Carclo 10194, 10195, 10197 & 10209 20mm TIR Optics were our go to choice for providing illumination to certain areas of the building architecture.