There are a wide array of standard optics available to order with many being stocked items in the UK and USA. Sizes available from 10mm – 60mm with a full range of beam angels and surface finishes suitable for any application.

The large product range includes specialised optics with ultra narrow, ultra wide, asymmetric and freeform light distribution. We have small form factor arrays, cluster holders, linear strip and IP rated optics – all of which are optimised for a wide range of LEDs.

Our optics are ideal for production designs or proof of concept for custom arrays. Samples are available on request to help our customers choose the best possible solution without the heavy commitment of large stock commitments.

All optics are designed, tested and quality checked in the UK and USA and manufactured globally in one of our fully owned plants located in UK, USA, China, India and Czech Republic.

Optic families

Carclo Optics 10mm Optics Range

These are small form factor TIR optics that have been designed to support the latest small LED packages. All 10mm optics are available as singles or clusters. They are also available as a single optic IP rated design solution to allow you to utilise the optic, sealing the LED to the board.

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Carclo Optics 20mm Optics Range

The most common size of TIR optic as these produce a range of beam angles from relatively tight to wide. There are also two reflectors within our 20mm range that take the beam even wider – therefore, you can design your fixture around this family of optics and select what beam is required as you build.

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Carclo Optics 10391

These TIR optics are used to get narrow beams with smaller LEDs or allow you to use the larger source LED’s and even multi chip LEDs. As with the other TIR ranges, we have a number of beams to allow you to use the same size optics for a number of beam angles.

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Carclo Optics 10759

Designed for the larger multi chip LEDs, they give a smooth beam output mixing the light and adding diffusion to the beam. There are a number of beams to allow you to use the same size optics for a number of beam angles.

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Carclo Optics 60mm Range

The 60mm optics are catadioptrics, which is a combination of TIR and reflector that enables us to compress the optic to be as thin as possible whilst getting a very narrow beam.

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Carclo Optics 12586

These are freeform optics designed to give a number of different beam options. Ideal for the European and USA street lighting standards, but also suitable for a number of lighting applications where a specialist beam pattern is required.

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Carclo Strip Optics

The Strip Optics are continuous moulded optics (Extrusion) that utilise the TIR optics for strip fixtures. We are continuously researching and developing further parts to support customer’s needs.  Suitable for a number of lighting applications where you only want to control the light in one direction in long strips of lights.

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Carclo Optics Mini Hubbles

The new Mini Hubble range of Free Form Optics are available in single and array configurations. There is now a free form optic to suit your requirements, whatever they may be. The range conforms to numerous standards including US Type I - V and European ME.

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The 33Up Family consists of 32 part numbers spanning across 30 degree, 60 degree, 90 degree and Double Asymmetric beam patterns.

Available in PMMA and PC, the family of 33Up arrays are compatible with Fortimo and Tridonic boards - as well as many other standard supplier boards.

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84Up Array

This is a large compact 84 freeform array built specifically for the common 5630 and similar packages that produces an asymmetric beam pattern for the use of an LPS (Low Pressure Sodium) replacement system.

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Carclo Optics - Silicone Optics

The latest product line from Carclo Optics is the Silicone S1 range.

Suitable for chip on board LEDs from 6mm LES to 23mm LES.

Compatible with Philips Fortimo, Bender + Wirth and TE Connector bases.

Starting with S1, the silicone optics family will expand to include additional ranges over the coming months.

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Carclo Optics - 10170 - Reflector

The Standard Reflectors from Carclo have a variety of uses and share the same footprint as the 20mm optics. They are available with diffuse, mirror and uncoated finishes.

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