Our reflectors are available in a range of sizes, beam angles and finishes to suit most applications.

Available in singles and arrays, they are optimised for a wide range of small and large source LEDs. We have specialised reflectors and reflector systems for colour mixing, highbay and use with Zhaga compliant mountings.

Our reflectors are ideal for production designs or proof of concept for custom arrays. Samples are available on request to help our customers choose the best possible solution without the heavy commitment of large stock commitments.

All reflectors are designed, tested and quality checked in the UK and USA and manufactured globally in one of our fully owned plants located in UK, USA, China, India and Czech Republic.

Reflector families

Carclo Optics Archimedes Reflectors

This family of reflectors has been designed for use within the internal light market. The beams offer excellent even coverage with low glare.  There are a number of mounting options with the ability for single units to be taped, glued or clipped in place. There is also an array option that can be screwed or clipped in place. Archimedes are used in high bay and also low level area lighting due to the low glare offered by the reflector, providing a sharp cut off.

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Carclo Optics Newton Reflectors

This range of reflectors is compatible with both the Z50 mount from TE and our own base. Designed for use with up to 20mm LES COB LEDs, there are currently 2 reflectors available that feature the wave form inner surface. This is a incredibly efficient way to mix the light.

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