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    Silicone S1 Range

    The latest product line from Carclo Optics is the Silicone S1 range. Suitable for chip on board LEDs up to 23mm LES.

  • DA2 Double Asymmetric Frosted 33UP Array Optics

    The Frosted Double Asymmetric Array optics from Carclo Optics are the latest addition to the 33Up Range. For more information and results click here...

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    High Bay Strip Optics

    The High Bay Strip Optic is perfect for retail and warehousing. Capable of low to medium degree beam angles, the innovative design allows for a variety of LEDs to sit in the housing whilst the clip form exterior sits flush on the mounting. 

  • Carclo-Optics-Custom-Capabilities

    The Custom Optics Specialists

    For more information and to contact us about our specialised custom capabilities click here...

  • Carclo Optics Mini Hubble

    Mini Hubble Arrays

    Our Mini Hubble range offers array configurations of the hugely popular freeform optic. For more information click here.

  • Carclo 33Up Array Optics

    33Up Array Optics

    Available in PMMA & PC, the 33Up arrays are suitable for a variety of uses in different applications and the 7 cavities make it compatible with the latest Gen4 Philips Fortimo boards.

  • Carclo Optics 10mm 1 x 6 array optic

    Carclo Optics 10mm 1 x 6 array optic

    Part of the Carclo Optics 10mm optics range, the 1 x 6 array reduces manufacturing complexity and cost.

  • Freeform Optics

    More information about our Mini Hubble range is available here.

  • Carclo Optics 10mm Optic

    Carclo Optics 10mm Range

    View the entire range of 10mm Optics

  • Strip Optic

    Our strip optic is now available in various lengths. For more information click here... 

  • Carclo Bubble Optics

    Carclo Optics Bubble Range

    View the entire range of Bubble Optics

  • 33Up Mid Power Array

    33Up Array Optics

    Perfect for Retail and General Lighting, the 33Up Array optics range create the illusion of a continuous optic and fit the industry's standard PCBs.

  • Carclo 33Up Revised to fit Philips Fortimo Gen4 Board

    33Up Array Optics 

    We have redesigned our popular 33Up Array optics to include additional cavities making them compatible with the new Philips Fortimo Gen4 Boards. The optics are backwards compatible and the efficiency and footprint are both unaffected.

  • Carclo Optics at LuxLive 2019

    Stand: F0

    13th - 14th November 2019

    ExCel Centre, London

LED optical design, development and manufacture

Carclo Optics boasts unrivalled expertise in LED optical design, development and manufacture. Our in-house dedicated team provides innovative specialist design solutions, whilst our dedicated global manufacturing sites ensure we have a local presence on a global scale.

We have design, development and stock holding capabilities in the UK, Czech, USA, China and India. Custom design projects are an important area of the business and we have completed a number of bespoke solutions for large multi-national luminaire manufacturers.

The full range of standard optics, reflectors and suitable holders are available from our worldwide distributors - many have a stock holding of the most popular parts.


Our Distribution Network

Our worldwide distributor network hold stock of standard optics, reflectors and suitable holders for immediate purchase. We offer a fast delivery service directly to our distributors for any parts they require and do not stock.


Custom Design

Our Optic Types

Our optics and reflectors are suitable for a wide variety of applications. For more specific projects and applications, Custom Designs are available.

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