Silicone S1 with Bender + Wirth Interconnects

Tue, 06/22/2021 - 09:04 -- Scott



Carclo Optics have published a large number of results for the S1 range of Silicone optics with the Bender + Wirth interconnects and leading LEDs.

Silicone withstands much higher temperatures making it a great material for use with high power COB LEDs.

We have compiled the results acheived with the Bender + Wirth interconnects in a convenient PDF available for download here.  


The Bender + Wirth interconnects are Zhaga compliant (D50 compatible).

To see the available Interconnects on the Bender + Wirth site, please click here.

For more information and the full set of results, download the brochure below.