New Mini Hubble Modular Optic Family


Carclo Optics' new range of Mini Hubble freeform lenses are designed around the world’s leading small footprint high power LED’s - typically a 3.5x3.5mm footprint. Based on the USA street lighting standards but with many far reaching applications, this new family of parts all share a common footprint to allow for quick easy board layout. The family of single optics will be supported with a range of arrays from 1x3 through 2x2 and a 2x6 all as standards. One of the greatest advantages of these optics is that the total area of illumination is created with each optic and not a mix of optics. This enables you to reduce your led and optic usage as the LED’s output continues to evolve.

You can mix and match the different optics (if required) to get the illumination of an area that you need. Due to intuitive design and tooling we even have the option to mould custom array layouts.

All Mini Hubbles are manufactured using high quality optical PMMA for the very best optical and UV performance. These lenses can be sealed to the boards, allowing these to be on the front surface of the light - saving you light loss that can occur using a separate cover.