Landscape Lighting


Here at Carclo, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce exactly what's needed to achieve the best possible outcome for each project. From the initial design process, carefully overseen by our inhouse team, to manufacture in our specialist facilities located all over the world, we guarantee the best results possible with your chosen LED in your chosen housing.

The possibilities are truly infinite and with the technological advances both in the LED world and the moulding industry, we are able to make even the most imaginative project an affordable reality.

Custom Design

Carclo Optics has full in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. We have dedicated project teams for every custom design development. From concept through to manufacture, our team will ensure all aspects run smoothly. If you are looking for an LED optic specialist to provide an innovative, bespoke solution, Carclo Optics are the industry leading optical solutions provider.

  • Each product specifically produced to meet your requirements
  • Design process based on precision
  • Materials to suit all projects
  • Contact with UK based design team throughout the process

Carclo Optics customer base includes some of the largest OEM’s in the market that rely on our expertise in all aspects - from concept to manufacture and design to print.

Contact Carclo Optics for further information by phone on:

  • +44 (0)1753 575 011

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