28mm Strip - Carclo Warehouse


28mm Strip Optic

Warehouse Project

The Carclo Optics Design and Distribution Centre in the heart of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, efficiently utilises LED lighting throughout. Keeping in line with one of the company’s core philosophies, the low energy consumption paired with the high energy output of the LEDs and their own 28mm Strip Optics was an obvious choice. Installed in Wirefield’s SPL LEDTM modules, the Strip Optics provide excellent illumination of the entire warehouse area.
An incredibly narrow beam angle is achievable with the 28mm strip, ensuring total light control in areas where safety is of paramount importance. Outstanding results are accomplished with both medium & high power LEDs, producing a beam angle of between 10 - 15 ° .


SPL LED Modules

When used in conjunction with an SPL LED module, a wide can also be achieved for use in open areas. These modules are dimmable and interlinkable using Wirefield’s Eye-Wi technology.


The totality of the warehouse lighting infrastructure is controlled wirelessly and there are no limits to the number of additional luminaires.


The 28mm Strip Optic

Available in standard lengths of 300mm and 600mm or custom lengths to meet the exact needs of the client, these optics have exceptionally high efficiency and suitable applications include;

  • High Bay Lighting

  • Retail

  • Corridor Lighting

  • Car Parks

  • Signage

  • Wall Wash


Download the PDF Case Study here