• Near Field

    This is a notional measure of the distance from a light source.  It occurs when the observation plane is much closer to the source than 10x the largest transverse dimension within the source.

  • Optic

    Either a lens or group of lenses

  • Peak Wavelength (λpk)

    Peak Wavelength is defined as the single wavelength of saturated colour at the peak of the radiated spectrum.

  • Photometer

    An instrument for measuring a property of light, especially luminous intensity or flux. A photometer uses special coloured filters to replicate the response of the human eye. Light intensity is measured in candle power, usually by comparison with a standard source.

  • Planckian Locus

    Planckian Locus is a term often associated with colour of a light-source and how ‘hot’ it looks. It relates to the path (or locus) that the colour of an incandescent (or Black Body) takes through a particular chromaticity space as the blackbody temperature changes. As a black body heats up its Colour Temperature changes from deep red at low temperatures through orange, yellowish-white, white and finally bluish-white at very high temperatures.

  • Printed Circuit Board

    Insulating board containing conductive tracks for circuit connections.

  • Ray Sets

    These are typically used for modelling the performance of optics when combined with any additional optics or reflective surfaces. A ray-set can be generated for any optic and LED combination. Ray-sets contain both positional and angular data (unlike IES files which only contain angular information).

  • Reflector

    Cold Light Reflectors reflect visible light while passing infrared light through the reflector

  • SMT (Surface-Mount) LED

    SMT LEDs are soldered to the surface of the circuit board. The LED die is integrated into the package design. SMT components can be assembled faster and with better quality than through-hole components.

  • STEP or STP

    This is one type of file format (e.g. 'Part name.STEP') used to save and exchange CAD data. Note, that any STEP files on our website are simplified representations of the true optical geometry and are not suitable for optical ray-tracing.