Optic Types

Bubble Optics provide precise control of light over ultra-wide areas. This could be for creating uniform illumination on a flat surface for example.

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Catadioptric optic is an optical system that uses both reflection and refraction of light. For example, Carclo Optics’ 60mm optic combines a reflective surface with refracting elements to produce an extremely compact and ultra-narrow beam.

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Freeform Optics are a mixture of different optic types merged into one design to give unique, non-symmetrical illumination patterns. Custom designs for street lighting, for example, take advantage of our freeform optics.

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The Hybrid system is a combination of a wide angle batwing bubble optic and a reflector system that manipulates the required pattern. This has been used for streetlighting and other applications needing asymmetric beams.

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Reflectors use standard and original reflective forms with aluminised or white surfaces to produce high-quality medium-to-wide spots.

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Side emitters are used to change the lambertian output of an LED into a tight ring of light that is parallel to the PCB level plane.

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The Strip Optic is a continuous optic in a particular length (extrusion), and uses TIR-optic technology for linear lighting.

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'Total Internal Reflection' optics provide an extremely efficient method for collecting LED light and produce narrow, medium and wide spots. This is achievable as the plastic to air interface is close to 100% reflective.

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Fibre Coupling

Fibre Coupling is used to take the light from an LED and focus it into a small spot, typically a few millimetres in diameter, onto the end of a fibre optic bundle. This enables the light to be transmitted within the fibre. Fibre Coupling optics are part of the TIR optic range.

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Carclo Optics Side Emitter Strip

Continuous strip optic for linear lighting applications. Suitable for freezer and chiller cabinet lighting, retail aisle and display cabinet lighting.

Silicone Optic Type

Silicone has much higher temperature and UV resistance than either PC or PMMA. This makes it particularly well suited to high powered COB LEDs.

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