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By optic family

  • 26.5mm
    Carclo Optics 10391
  • 84Up Array
    84Up Array
  • 20mm
    Carclo Optics 20mm Optics Range
  • Archimedes
    Carclo Optics Archimedes Reflectors
  • 33Up Array
  • 10mm
    Carclo Optics 10mm Optics Range
  • Mini Hubble
    Carclo Optics Mini Hubbles
  • Hubbles
    Carclo Optics 12586
  • 30mm
    Carclo Optics 10759
  • 60mm
    Carclo Optics 60mm Range
  • Newton
    Carclo Optics Newton Reflectors
  • Strip Optic
    Carclo Strip Optics
  • Silicone S1
    Carclo Optics - Silicone Optics
  • Standard Reflectors
    Carclo Optics - 10170 - Reflector

By optic type

  • Freeform
  • Side Emitter Strip
    Carclo Optics Side Emitter Strip
  • Fibre Coupling
    Fibre Coupling
  • TIR
  • Bubble
  • Silicone
    Silicone Optic Type
  • Strip
  • Hybrid
  • Side Emitter
  • Reflector
  • Catadioptric


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