Architectural & Landscape Lighting Case Studies

Tue, 10/19/2021 - 07:56 -- Scott

Neil Parslow is the Director of Light Visuals Ltd based in South East London. He also runs his own Landscape Lighting Design consultancy.

We asked him to talk us through some of the recent UK projects completed by his company for the following case studies.

  1. Camberwell, London
  2. Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
  3. Bexley, Kent

Case Study: Bexley, Kent, UK


This magnificent garden boasts a river, crossed by a beautiful wrought iron bridge and understandably the client wanted this framed with illumination. The reed beds flanking the granite gazebo structure at the centre of the garden were also a feature worth highlighting and the aim was to create a cohesive composition to be viewed from the house standing over 100m away. One of the main issues encountered was the mounting of the extra low voltage pole lights in the river. Bespoke fittings provided a linear wash light to the reeds, which visually connected all elements whilst providing added reflections within the water.

Cree XP-L & XH-P50 LEDs were utilised in this project due to their reputation for reliability and quality, as maintenance and servicing of the fittings in the river can be quite a challenge.

Carclo 10194, 10195, 10196 & 10209  20mm TIR optics were also our choice in the these same light fittings, as they provided a narrow horizontal beam across the reed beds.


The XLamp® XP-L LED is the first commercially available single-die LED to deliver breakthrough efficacy of up to 200 lm/w at 350 mA. The game-changing Cree XLamp XP-L LED delivers an immediate performance increase of 50% or more as a drop-in upgrade for lighting designs based on Cree LEDs market-leading XLamp XP-G LEDs. As the brightest member of the industry’s only family of high-density-class discrete LEDs, the new XP-L LED redefines system performance, cost and size of LED lighting.


Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK

The brief was to fully illuminate the front and rear terraced gardens whilst connecting all areas via unobtrusive path lighting to each side of this beautiful new build property in Berkhamsted, UK.

One of the main design concerns was the addition of dense summer meadow wild flowers planted within the beds, as this was where multiple fruit and birch trees were to be illuminated from. We overcame this be adding extension poles to raise the heads of the luminaires.

Cree XP-L LEDs were used for all lighting on this project, as we knew their colour consistency would be the perfect fit for the hardscape elements within the design.

Carclo 10194, 10195, 10197, 10209 20mm TIR Optics were our go to choice for providing illumination to certain areas of the building architecture.

Camberwell, London, UK

The brief for this stunning project in the centre of Camberwell London, was to provide soft illumination to the tree ferns, whilst providing downward illumination to the ‘Mind Your Own Business’ ground cover, as this was a destination path to a secluded seating area at the rear of the garden. We also had to downlight the patio to the immediate exterior of the property so this connected both hard and softscape areas together, and made for the ease of transition.

We encountered several issues whilst designing the scheme for this garden with one of them being how to install the extra low volt cabling under the ground cover of ‘Mind Your Own Business’, as it’s not as easy to disturb as a typical grass lawn. Another issue was how to prevent damage by squirrels to the cabling which had to be mounted to the top of the fence for most of the perimeter downlighting.

Cree XP-L LEDs were used in this lighting design for their ability to provide a vibrant illumination of the large tree fern fronds.

Carclo 10194 & 10209 wide angle frosted 20mm TIR Optics were used in this lighting design to provide a softer, but wider spill light to the tree fern trunks.

THE 60148

The 60148 is a wide angle 20mm TIR optic and offers a 60 degree beam angle. With a frosted face, the high performance optic works perfectly in landscape and architectural lighting applications.


Cree LED offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of application-optimized LEDs that lead the industry in lumen density, intensity, efficacy, optical control and reliability, backed by expert design assistance and superior sales support.


Powered by Cree’s groundbreaking SC5 TechnologyTM Platform, the XLamp® XHP50 LED is a member of Cree’s Extreme High Power (XHP) class of LEDs that redefines lumen density and reliability to radically reduce system costs by up to 40 percent. At its maximum current, the XHP50 LED delivers twice the light output of the industry’s brightest single-die LED, the XLamp XM-L2 LED, with similar lumens per watt and without increasing the package footprint. The XHP50 LED also achieves longer lifetime at higher operating temperatures than previous LED technology. The result is significantly lower thermal, mechanical and optical costs at the system level.

Available in white, configurable to 6 V or 12 V by PCB layout

Available in 5-step EasyWhite® bins at 3000 K to 5000 K CCT, 3-step EasyWhite bins at 2700 K to 5000 K and 2-step EasyWhite bins at 2700 K to 4000 K CCT

Available in ANSI white bins at 3000 K to 7000 K CCT

Available in standard, 70-, 80-, and 90-minimum CRI options

Binned at 85 °C

Maximum drive current: 3000 mA (6 V), 1500 mA (12 V)

Low thermal resistance: 1.2 °C/W Wide viewing angle: 120°

Unlimited floor life at ≤ 30 oC/85% RH

Reflow solderable - JEDEC J-STD-020C

RoHS and REACH compliant

UL® recognized component (E349212)