Ara Range from RobLight

Mon, 09/06/2021 - 11:21 -- Scott

For the newly released Ara Range, RobLight chose multiple 20mm TIR optics from Carclo, including the new 60148 60 degree wide angle.



Carclo Optics 20mm 60 Degree TIR 60148

The Ara range offer precise, well-defined light from a versatile series of tiny, effective LED fittings for indoor use. Available options include surface-mounted, recessed or recessed-to-raised models with independent magnetic spots or a magnetic track system.

Featuring Cree LEDs, the Ara range is perfect for object, display, ambient and accent lighting, showcases, niches, open displays, walls and many other applications.

Stylish design and tool-free adjustment make the Ara range incredibly easy to use.

Ara 1

Precise, controlled, well-defined light from a tiny, effective, adjustable LED downlight. Recessed.

0o or 30° tilt. 2.4W max 700mA dimmable.

Ara 2

Precise, controlled, well-defined light from a tiny, effective, well-designed LED downlight. Instantly transforms from recessed to raised. No tools required. 70° tilt. 1.7W max 500mA dimmable.

Ara 3

Precise, controlled light from a free-spirited magnetic LED spot. For indoor use. Just pop it on and take it off any magnetic surface. Attach, move, remove, position and reposition it freely anywhere you want on any magnetic surface. 1.7W max 500mA dimmable.

Ara 3 F

Precise, controlled light from a free-spirited LED spot. This fitting is suitable for illumination of objects at close range in display cases and show windows or where the requirement is for flexible light that is easily adjustable to varying displays.

1.7W max 500mA dimmable.

Ara 4 and 5

Precise, controlled and customizable light from a flexible, dimmable (Ara 5 only) LED spot. For use with the RobLight Track A magnetic surface track, available in chrome or black. Slide it along the track or remove, move and reattach anywhere on the track – and remembering the dimming level. 350° rotation and 160° tilt. Applications include object, display and niche, vitrine and showcase lighting. Individual dimmable directly on the spot and all units on a same track with the Master Dimmer Ara 5 box. 3W 500mA.

The optics used in the Ara Range are all from Carclo's standard 20mm family:

10138 - Narrow Spot Frosted

10139 - Medium Spot Frosted

10140 - Wide Spot Frosted

10192 - Elliptical Orthogonal Ripple Linear

60148 - Wide Spot Frosted

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