60148 20mm 60 Degree TIR Optic

Mon, 11/09/2020 - 15:02 -- Scott

The 60148 TIR optic from Carclo is a 20mm Wide Beam optic with a medium frost on the outer face producing an exceptionally smooth light distribution with reduced colouring. It completes the 20mm line up and as illustrated in this month's A1 advert, the beam angles now available from the 20mm range go from 3 - 65 degrees.


The following results were achieved with the new 60148 • 20mm • 60 degree • TIR OPTIC 


This is a small selection of the LEDs compatible with the new 60148. The ever growing list of results can be seen here.

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Why not download the PDF including the latest results for the most popular LEDs?